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A Sparkling Property is Off the Market Faster!

Do you want a sure-fire way to sell or rent your properties faster? Here’s a tip: Clean it! We’re not talking about just putting away clutter and wiping down the countertops. If you want to really present a property well, it needs to be sparkling clean.

Sparkling4You Cleaning Services is happy to be your go-to partner for affordable and transformational home cleaning that will take your property from everyday clean to sparkling clean.

According to a recent article published on MSN.com, “10 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster ,” when you show a property, it should be so clean that “you should be able to eat off of the kitchen floor.” Fingerprints should be removed from light switches. Windows should be crystal clear. Pet hair and dust should be removed from the baseboards. Faucets and fixtures should shine. In short, a sparkling property is taken off the market faster.

Most realtors are well aware of the benefits of showing a clean property. Properties sell better when buyers aren’t forced to see the “diamond in the rough” through bad odors, dust, mold, clutter, and general dirtiness. When a buyer walks into a sparkling clean property, the buyer is more likely to envision the property as a comfortable home – one that does not require tremendous effort to sterilize and clean before move-in day.
Sell or rent properties faster and with less hands-on effort by hiring Sparkling4You Cleaning Services to make your properties showroom clean.
We have been New York’s premier home cleaning service since 1999 and are available six days a week for your convenience.

Our Move In/Out cleaning services include:

Dusting window sills, ledges, bookshelves, baseboards and more vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and revitalizing all floors polishing countertops, backsplashes fixtures, and faucets deep-cleaning countertops, windows, light fixtures, furniture, and more. Our move in/move out cleaning services are affordable, comprehensive, and come with a cleanliness guarantee. Each of our cleaning teams has on-site supervision to ensure that all cleaning tasks have been executed flawlessly and according to our realtors’ preferences.

If you’re ready to move your properties faster, contact us today to schedule an appointment for full-service property cleaning. There’s no better way to get your properties ready for an open house than with a deep Sparkling4You cleaning that will leave your properties… sparkling!

Contact or text message (646) 594-8808 today to learn more or to schedule a cleaning for your properties.