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Let Sparkling4You Handle All Post-Event Cleaning Services

You work tirelessly to plan an event—whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event or just a conference—and as soon as it’s over, you’re tasked with cleaning up, a whole other task of work in and of itself. Save your energy and hire Sparkling4You, a cleaning company that can help you clean up before or after any big event. Offering extensive cleaning services for both residential and commercial purposes, Sparkling4You is the preferred cleaning company in the New York City area.

For 12 years, the cleaning company has assisted cleanups for corporate and commercial events alike, knowing they can tackle a job of any size. Cleanups get the full treatment at Sparkling4You, including removal of trash, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing, as well as any necessary organizing and tidying. The cleaning company also offers regular office cleaning services to ensure that the office is in tip-top condition, event or non-event.

In addition to corporate event cleaning, Sparkling4You offers its event cleaning services for small affairs. Whether it’s a birthday party, a family reunion or a memorial service, Sparkling4You provides affordable rates for the average NYC household. The house cleaning company serves NYC’s five boroughs, for both apartment and house cleaning. For New Yorkers on the go, Sparkling4You is the perfect service to keep your apartment or home clean and tidy. As a residential cleaning company, you can trust Sparkling4You to organize and respect your home.

To learn more about Sparkling4You Cleaning Services’ event cleaning services for residential or corporate purposes, call (646) 594-8808 to speak to a cleaning professional, or visit their website for a cleaning estimate and a full list of their services.